If you are a piano teacher like I am, perhaps you have all of your lessons planned out as carefully as possible. Repertoire is selected, technique is planned out, and theory courses assigned. But sometimes lessons don’t always go as planned. So it’s nice to have a few resources to use as additional material for lessons.

I became a member of PracticeHabits.co just for that reason – to have immediately available resources for my students. I love that fact that during a lesson, I can log onto the website, download a piece of music or chord chart, print it out, and assign to my students for additional assignments during the week. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised with the amount of material available! Take for example chord charts. This past semester, I have been working with all of my students on the steps of understanding and reading chord charts. The little students are learning how to form major and minor chords, the intermediate students are applying chords with a melody, and my advanced students are creating wonderful accompaniment patterns to their chord charts. During the month of December, I paused my assignments and instead gave my students a choice of some of the Christmas chord chart tunes listed on PracticeHabits.co. It was magical! My students got to pick the Christmas tune of their choice, I got to pick the key, and I printed them out from the website.

I know with teaching chord charts, that yes, it’s simple to find chord charts online. However, it’s not quite so simple to find chord charts that work with beginner and intermediate students, in keys that are manageable to them. This was a wonderful addition to my piano lessons during the month of December. There are also LeadSheets available for Hymns, popular, and Patriotic tunes on PracticeHabits.co.

Another great resource on this site is the downloadable sheet music. As I am writing this, there are 62 different pieces available for download. As a member, I get an email at least monthly from Chris, the website’s founder, on additional pieces that are added to the download list. I love that Chris has a video of each piece. I love this as a teacher – sometimes my students want to hear the pieces that they will be playing (or choose between a few pieces that I have picked out for them), and this is a fun way for them to hear the piece before we begin learning it. As a teacher, I too enjoy this! It makes choosing additional repertoire for my students so much easier.

If you yourself are looking to check out this resource, you can find the membership page here. If you use this link, you can save 30% off your membership from January 2nd-12th, 2018. Use the word kathy in the discount code box. That’s an awesome deal.

Just a note, I am set up as an affiliate for this website. However, I only recommend products that I also use and love in my own piano studio. I know you won’t be disappointed if you check out this resource yourself, and using my link will give you a 30% discount. Win-win!